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Welcome to ICF Los Angeles

Welcome to ICF Los Angeles, a leading ICF chapter with a membership base of more than 350 coaches from all over the world.

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Upcoming Events

Stephanie Hess


Kimberly Gonsalves, ACC, CPCC

June Chapter Meeting Event

Creating Your Storyline: Your Path to Success

with Stephanie Hess

Wednesday, June 21st, 6:30 PM Pacific


Leverage Your Coaching Skills to Support Parents

with Kimberly Gonsalves, ACC, CPCC.

Wednesday, June 28th, 11:00 AM Pacific

Stephanie Hess, a CPA and Business Strategist at ForwardPath will share her experience of building her business from $0 to $200K in 10 months.

The method she will be presenting, called the “Storyline Spreadsheet to Success” helps independent and corporate clients create cash flow quickly and easily utilizing character assets.

After this session, you will have a tool to maintain focus and strategy on income generation with the flexibility to pivot as needed.

Parents need many of the same skills coaches use every day! Leverage your coaching skills to support your clients in one of their most important roles: as parents. This teleclass will equip you to share basic coaching skills your clients can apply to the challenges of parenting (and any other relationship). Learn several practical exercises you can share with clients to help maintain strong relationship even when correction is needed, to invite critical thinking skills and self-awareness, to tame run away emotions when tempers flare, and much more!

Tina Elliot, MBA, PCC, BCC Stephanie Hess

Master Series Teleclass

Staying Out of Ethical Hot Water with Solid Coaching Agreements

with Tina Elliot, MBA, PCC, BCC.

Wednesday, July 12th, 11:00 AM Pacific

ICF Los Angeles Teleclasses

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Did you know that approximately 40% of ICF Ethics complaints would not be processed if coaches had proof of a solid coaching agreement and coaches adhere to their own agreement? Is your coaching agreement up to date and covering all aspects of your coaching business?This ethics session will provide a high level review of the important components of a coaching services agreement and how a solid coaching agreement can support you to stay out of an ethical conduct review process. ICF Los Angeles was recently recognized at the Annual Conference for Chapter Leaders of ICF for its Worldwide Virtual Education Teleclasses.

Learn how to market your business, how to become a better coach, how to get paid what you are worth, what inspires people to become your clients, what really matters to your clients, how to and much, much more! People from all over the world participate in ICFLA’s teleclasses monthly. Register today or check our teleclass recording library with more than 100 hours of audio recordings.


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